Model confusion and Low Power production problems

Samuel Silva Oct-11th, 2019 14:19 0 0

This article is to help to clarify some questions about the wind generator models and the different behaviours between "identical models".

Many clients are saying that they are docked in a marina and observe different rotation speeds between the "same model", the 400+ or even the PRO models.

Actually rotation speed does not always means high or low power. There are wind generators that can reach the maximum power at 1000 rpm's, others at 1600rpms. It will vary according to the models.

Silentwind did not change the model name during many years and this will cause a lot of confusion. To be able to compare the models, please check the Compatibility Matrix. This way you will be able to observe the wind generator evolution over the time.

In case of any doubts, please confirm the wind speed and power production and collect the maximum data as you can and contact us. Please do not forget to identify the wind generator serial number and the charge controller serial number or model to be able to help you.

Also during updates, is very common to forget that BOOST and NO BOOST models are set differently on the "Low Wind Boost" parameter and it will have negative impact on the wind generator performance.  Please check the Compatibility Matrix.


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